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Cloud Native Applications

Cloud Native Application Development

Translucent cloud native data driven application development. IT’s how your client’s do business.

In modern application development you have three choices. Build | Rebuild | Replatform

Building new applications

What is Building?

Creating your cloud native data driven digital transformation business strategy from a vision through to a full solution.
The foundation of what makes your business physically successful is mapped with your best people and our subject matter experts then tied to Translucent’s cloud native data driven application proven process.

Unleashing the true power of your organization in the 4th industrial revolution.

Keeping you competitive now and built for the future.

Translucent works with the best people in your company to create data driven applications that serve your clients in a digitally transformed world.

Our subject matter experts work with your best of breed leaders in your organization to understand why your customers buy from you. Then we put that into custom award-winning applications. Creating a cloud native client experience that mirrors what makes you successful in the physical world.  Making you very competitive, especially in the current market conditions.

Strategy | API 1st Design | Secure Transactions | Automated Customes Experience | Responsive Design | Open for Business 24/7 | Critical System 1st Approach | Revenue Driving Data Insights | APM

Build      |      Rebuild      |      Replatform

“Where old legacy technology moves like a 2-lane highway. Cloud native data driven modernization of applications allows your business to move like an 8-lane super highway, or 1000-lane ultra-highway, depending on your needs.” 

Bradford A. M. Sankar, COO - Translucent Computing

Depending on where you are in your journey Translucent will help you make the best application modernization choice and Sheppard you to where you need to be.

Services - Cloud Native Applications solutions:

Application Development – Build | Rebuild | Replatform
Customer experience workflow automation
Application Performance Metrics (APM)
API 1st Design
Mobile 1st design
Responsive Design All Devices
Open for business 24/7
Microservices – Distributed Architecture
Secure Transactions – DevSecOps
Kubernetes Certified Service Provider
Multi-cloud Solutions – GCP – AWS – Azure
Critical System 1st Approach
API Economy – 3rd Party partnerships
Return on Investment 1st driven planning

Is your Company Competitive in Today’s Landscape?

Increase Profit | Scalability | Data Driven Decisions | API Economy | Faster to Market | Reduce Cost

Business Value
The Translucent Value:

What does Cloud Native Data Driven Application Modernization mean for your Business?

We learn about what makes your business and physical operations valuable to your clients and modernize that
Onshore nearshore North American Awarded enterprise experienced expert Translucent employee teams create cost-effective solutions
Data Driven Decisions will give you the ability to fine-tune your products and services based on historical patterns that give you the best ROI
Responsive design makes your applications available across desktop, mobile, tablets and laptops 24/7
We go above and beyond to deliver and treat your solution like our own
Constant proactive communication. Adjusting project milestones and communicating the outcomes
Translucent application development and application modernization reduces cost
Automation of the employee and customer experience saves money and makes money
Increase profit and capture more market share in the API Economy Translucent connects the customer workflow of your business and your third parties for seamless automated client experiences. Our client GTL has seen year over year growth though out the current market conditions
Translucent Cloud Native Data Driven Application
Development. IT’s how your client’s do business

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