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Why does my company need to be
Digitally Transformed?

Every company is now a technology company, whether you are in plumbing, manufacturing, investment banking, or corporate services.

The evolution of technology has created complex communication at light speed, code that understands behavior, and data stored in the cloud.

Much like your car, you do not have to understand precisely how it works to reap the benefits of using it!

Translucent takes your business from wherever it is and roadmaps from point A to point B.

Implementing the technology your business needs to stay competitive, at a pace you can handle.

Using Calculated measurable manageable actions, focused on Return on Investment.

Inform & Learn
We Listen. We Learn. We Inform.

Translucent is your technology partner!
Building very close relationships with our clients, we take the time and effort to lay the foundations needed to create the future together.

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Requirements Gathering

When gathering requirements, it is a growing conversation with all influencers and decision makers within the business. It is very important to break down specific business function so that your company’s technology wraps around your operations like the perfect pair of gloves.

Stakeholder Ownership

The information gathered must speak to all the needs and asks of all stakeholders, allowing more effective and efficient architecting and implementation to steady state. Create a system that connects your people, your clients and the world to you as an extension of how your business operations actually work.

Starting S.M.A.R.T.

Once we have learned the specifics of your business, we inform and get signed stakeholder buy-in. From there we set Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) goals based on what is the highest priority for your business needs. By removing the back and forth both internally and externally we create a workflow that increases return on investment and speed to market.


Priority A:

Once we understand how your business works and uncover Priority A based on company goals, immediate needs, and ROI we start to scope out Phase 1 of your digital transformation.


Once scoped and approved by all stakeholders based on exact function and outcome, we put together a detailed proposal for your review and confirmation.

Work to be accomplished
Task and timelines
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Translucent as your Digital Transformation technology partner, we focus on Priority A approved deliverables:

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Use Microservices to create a more fluid connection to the cloud with your legacy systems.
Use DevOps to ensure production automation workflow and security.
Create algorithms to understand complex business issues, discovering your clients’ buying patterns, or finding cross-market revenue opportunities using Machine Learning (AI).
Use Microservices, Machine Learning, and DevOps together to fully transform your business competing on the new digital landscape.
Your business depends on IT.