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May 26th, 2014
May 26th, 2014


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    We invite you to read our latest case study highlighting the use of the TCinc Platform to create two different web applications in a healthcare environment.  These projects demonstrate versatility in the software and the services offered by TCinc. 

    The first project (IDA) for The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute leveraged TCinc Platform’s Rapid Web Application Development capabilities, and involved an newly redesigned implementation of a legacy system for an integrated database solution used by 7 departments. The system features business rules supporting independent and interdependent office processes as well as ensuring compliance with legislative regulations.

    The Second Project (PIDA) for The Department of Paediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children exploited the data integration capabilities of the TCinc Platform. The system received data feeds from other hospital systems, either on demand  or according to a pre-determined schedule.   This project also included the first implementation of our Query Tool

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